A safe facility

An extensive set of studies has been performed on using the mines in Brevik as a waste disposal site for a gas-free, stable and dried gypsum residue.

The conclusions from these studies, indicates that the new solution will be a safe treatment method, with insignificant risk for accidents and discharges to external environment..

The gypsum residue in question, which also seal and stabilize the Dalen mines, is the end-product obtained from the neutralization treatment method used for the inorganic hazardous wastes at the island of Langøya, outside the coast of Holmestrand.

NOAH believes that the solution addresses the concerns of the local population regarding previous plans to build a treatment plant in Brevik. NOAH´s new plans, doesn’t involve a facility in Brevik. On the contrary, this part of the operation will continue at Langøya.

After the end-product (dried gypsum residue) is rendered gas-free and stable, the material will be transported to Kongkleiv in the Frierfjord by ship, where NOAH plans to build a new quay with its own mainland power supply.  From the quay, the material will be transported directly to Norcem’s disused mines, via an enclosed tunnel bore. Thereby, NOAH’s new solution also ensures that the company facilities will have no impact on either Dalenbukta or the local road network in Brevik. The planned operations will not be a subject to the Major Accident Regulations.

Norcem’s disused mines has enough volume capacity to store totally 18 million m3 of gypsum residue, which allows for more than 30-years of operation. As well as extending the life of the current treatment plant at Langøya, this will also address the national requirements for the safe management of hazardous inorganic waste in a long-term perspective. The Dalen mines have been fully studied with regards to its suitability for disposing of treated inorganic waste. This study has been performed by Norwegian government agencies such as the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI), and their conclusions from the studies are that the Dalen mines are highly suitable for this purpose.

NOAH plans to carry out environmental impact assessments in 2018, which will document the full environmental impact of the planned solution.