Safety first

Safety is always NOAH’s first concern in the treatment, recycling and disposal of waste.

The mines in Brevik are considered to be a safe site for the disposal of gypsum residue, which is the end product generated by the treatment of hazardous waste.

Before operations start, some work will be required in order to prepare the facility for its new purpose. This includes a range of stabilisation measures to prevent rockfalls and accidents in the old galleries, and upgrades of the technical infrastructure in the mines.

Setting up a waste disposal site in Brevik for the end product generated by the treatment of hazardous waste on Langøya will not be harmful to the health of the residents or users of the area around Brevik. Through its 25 years of operations on Langøya, NOAH has documented that its activities do not represent any health hazard, either to employees or the natural environment.

Operations are strictly regulated and monitored, and governed by regulations designed to ensure that there is a satisfactory level of safety for the natural environment and employees.

NOAH has a great deal of experience with stringent regulations after 25 years of operations on Langøya.

Own industrial safety representative

NOAH has its own industrial safety representative on Langøya, who is trained to manage and reduce the consequences if there should be an accident. Naturally, we will also appoint an industrial safety representative at Brevik, trained around the needs of an underground facility.

Safe disposal facility

The mines have been evaluated and found to be a safe disposal facility. Any water which leaks in will be purified before being pumped out again. The Norwegian Environment Agency sets stringent requirements regarding water quality on its discharge permits. One of these requirements is that groundwater must not be affected.

Water quality will be monitored on a continuous basis by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA). In a long-term perspective, an underground disposal facility is considered to be safer than a surface landfill site, because the material which has been placed there is more insulated from human activity on the surface.