More than 100 different sites were evaluated

In the search for a new landfill site to replace Langøya, NOAH investigated over 100 sites. NOAH believes the mines in Brevik to be the most suitable future landfill site.

The waste disposal site on Langøya will be full in 2022. NOAH has been looking for a new waste disposal site since 2007. Initially, it looked at more than 100 different sites. This included sites in Sweden, but no suitable locations were found there.

The preliminary evaluations resulted in a shortlist of 12 sites which were studied in more detail. The list was gradually narrowed down to three relevant locations for further study. The conclusion from the detailed study was that the Dalen/Kjørholt mines are the most suitable location for a future waste disposal site.

Numerous requirements

The starting point for the work was a list of requirements for a future waste disposal site. Most sites were not suitable because they had insufficient capacity. Proximity to sea, roads and railways were important requirements on which several sites scored poorly. In terms of the requirements regarding geology, quality, hydrogeology, natural environment and recipient, only two sites were suitable, including Brevik.

Overall, Brevik emerged as the best out of all the sites which were evaluated. Brevik has a large volume, is close to the sea and also to the market. The limestone is dense, and there is also a skilled workforce associated with the mines.

Proximity to residential areas would be a challenge if Brevik is selected. This is why NOAH will insist that all potential solutions sufficiently address this consideration. Residents in the area must feel confident that they are being taken into consideration.