All transport will be by sea

The gypsum residue that will be deposited in the Dalen mines in Brevik, will be trasported by environmental-friendly ships. The annual volume of gypsum residue is estimated to 600-800,000 tonnes, which will mean an average of 2-4 shiploads a week.

The ships will be considerably smaller than the ones delivering limestone to Norcem’s plant, typically around 3-4000 tonnes.

The vessels transporting gypsum residue to Brevik will not be subject to compulsory pilotage. Compulsory pilotage is also not required for material transported to the existing waste disposal site on Langøya.

The gypsum residue will be received at the new quay which NOAH would like to build at Kongkleiv in the Frierfjord. NOAH plans to utilize onshore power sources. In addition, further investments will be made to support NOAH’s «green logistics» strategy. From the quay, the gypsum will then be transported directly to Norcem’s mine system via an enclosed tunnel bore. NOAH’s new solution thereby ensures that there will be no environemental impact on either Dalenbukta or the local road network in Brevik.

Green logistics

Investing in ‘green shipping’ is a natural part of NOAHs innovation work. Key to this work is the establishment of terminals close to the shore which minimizes the use of road transportation. The company is also actively working to use more environmentally-friendly bulk carriers (battery/hybrid powered, electric loading and unloading systems, etc.)

NOAH has been a pioneer in hazardous waste processing technology in Europe, and has one of the best documented environmental monitoring systems in the world in this industry.
In 25 years of operations at the plant on Langøya, NOAH has had no accidents involving marine traffic.