A serious player in the Norwegian waste industry

As a company involved in the waste industry, NOAH made the decision to find a replacement for the waste disposal site on Langøya. Other companies may offer alternative solutions.

There are many companies involved in the Norwegian waste industry. NOAH is one of several companies which processes hazardous waste. The company has specialised in the treatment of inorganic hazardous waste, and uses its own, specially developed method.

NOAH offers a reliable treatment service (treatment, recycling and disposal) for inorganic hazardous waste to clients who are not able to utilise or destroy their waste in an environmentally friendly way. The disposal facility on Langøya will soon be full of hazardous waste which has been stabilised and neutralised in the treatment plant on Langøya. Since the disposal site on Langøya will soon be full, NOAH has to find new capacity elsewhere. This is vital, not only for NOAH’s clients but also for Norway as a whole. The search for the new waste disposal site started in 2007.

Our studies conclude that Brevik is the most suitable site in Norway for the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

The process is open to other companies

In theory, anyone who meets the authorities’ requirements can start processing hazardous waste. NOAH does not have the exclusive right to process this type of waste, but it is the only company in Southern Norway to process inorganic hazardous waste.