Criteria applying to a new waste disposal site

Any new hazardous waste disposal site must satisfy the authorities’ requirements and a list of criteria stipulated by the Norwegian Environment Agency.

The search for a new waste disposal site which will take over from Langøya has concentrated on Southern Norway. A number of locations have been assessed on the basis of the authority’s requirements and wishes. Of the 12 most relevant locations in Southern Norway, the Dalen mines in Brevik have proved to be the most suitable.

Should be excavated

The Norwegian Environment Agency has drawn up a list of criteria which the new waste disposal site must satisfy. The most important of these criteria was that the waste disposal site must be near the coast, somewhere between the Swedish border and Nord-Trøndelag.

The waste disposal site operated by Miljøteknikk Terrateam AS in Mo i Rana satisfies the needs of the counties lying further north.

It would be an advantage if the new location was already excavated, and any operations at the location must be due to terminate by no later than 2020, or preferably sooner. The location should be close to or have easy access to the sea, with good unloading facilities for cargo vessels.

At least 20 years

Ideally, it should be possible for the waste disposal site to be used over a long period. The Norwegian Environment Agency wants the waste disposal site to be in a location which will be able to receive waste for at least 20 years.

The location should preferably be below groundwater level, and the surrounding rock should be relatively unfissured, with little water ingress.

The Norwegian Environment Agency has also stipulated that the waste must be stabilised before it is stored, irrespective of the future location.