NOAH is a world leader

NOAH is a company which stands out because of its expertise. Permits issued by the authorities are on the basis of expertise, which must be documented. This is important, not only for clients but also the environment.

Everyone must be confident that NOAH is a professional company which employs experts who are highly qualified in environmental issues and modern waste treatment processes.

NOAH has a recognised treatment method. The waste is first neutralised in an iron-rich gypsum mixture. This mixture has a stabilising and binding effect on the waste. Emissions from the processes have little negative impact on the environment, and the method makes it possible to take large quantities of hazardous waste out of circulation and store it properly, away from the natural environment.

The EU’s Industrial Emissions Directive provides best practice rules for various types of industrial operations. Its aim is to harmonise environmental and quality requirements applying to the industry in the EU, thereby continuously reducing emissions and pollution, and ensuring that the industrial companies compete on equal terms. The requirements applying to the various branches of the industry are stipulated in special legally binding documents (BREF documents), which describe the Best Available Techniques (BAT).

Like many of their European sister organisations and industry associations, the Norwegian authorities and Norwegian industrial companies provide information for many years on what constitutes best practice in the industry within the EU, before these requirements are set. A new BREF document will be issued for the waste and recycling industry during the spring of 2018. NOAH is one of four Norwegian reference plants to have provided information on what it considers to be best practice for a range of waste treatment facilities in the EU. NOAH will have no problems satisfying any new BAT requirements for the treatment of inorganic hazardous waste.